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We operate an 'Advanced Access' system whereby we endeavour to ensure that patients are seen on the day of request. In addition to being able to be seen on the day of request, we also offer a number of appointments for patients to be able to 'book forward'. These are usually the first few appointments of each GP's clinics, but our receptionists can book other times by negotiation with the approval of the doctor.

All appointments with a doctor are of 10 minute duration. Each GP has 15 slots in a morning session and 15 in the afternoon. The first 5 appointments may be pre-booked up to 2 months in advance. The next 3 appointments may be booked from the beginning of the previous session, i.e. Thursday morning can be booked on a Wednesday afternoon. The remainder of the slots are called same-day appointments and can only be booked from 8.00am that day. There are emergency appointments available every day. 

Please cancel any appointments you cannot attend, otherwise you may prevent other patients from getting an appointment. Please help us by being punctual. Please do not bring other patients with you and expect the doctor to see more than one patient when only one appointment has been allocated. Remember one appointment - one patient.

You can book, change or cancel an appointment over the phone, online or in person.

Our nurse practitioner can see patients for most 'minor illness' conditions.

To offer the best service we can for our patients we ask that if you can't attend an appointment you contact us to cancel it.  If you repeatedly fail to attend appointments you may be removed from our practice list and may be required to find an alternative doctor.   Please click here for a copy of our Did Not Attend (DNA) policy.

Please click here for details of all North Lincolnshire appointments given to patients.