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Over 75's Green Booklet

If you need this in another language please ask and we will attempt to supply you with this.

Dear Patient

Ancora Medical Practice has been looking at ways to provide our older patients with information that you may find helpful.  It varies from local activity groups to help you keep mind and body active, to information on home food delivery options and also information that may help you with any financial worries you may have.

The information is only a guide for your information and no particular services are individually recommended by the practice. 

We hope that this will be of some use to you.  You will also see a record card that we can add medical information to after a visit to the surgery; you can take this away with you on holidays or visits to family and friends.  You will also find space to keep a copy of your medication list, also useful if you are travelling.

If you feel there is any other information you would like adding or feel we could improve on this booklet please let us know at the practice.

Please click here to view the Green Book.

If you are over 75, you can also collect the Green Booklet from one of our receptions.