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Online and Video Consultations

You must only use online consultations for routine enquiries.  If you need urgent or emergency help please click here for advice on what to do. 

Online Consultations help us to help you.  When you send an online consultation it's sent to the person who's most qualified to deal with your enquiry and you'll get a response on the same day if you send it before our daily response window closes.  You can use the service 24/7 and if we're not open we'll respond on the next working day.  By using this service you help to keep our phone lines less busy for those patients that can't use online services.

When you setup an account for online consultations it means we can send messages to you securely online, and you can reply.  This means we can ask you questions about your symptoms and you can respond at a time that's convenient for you.  Our decisions about your treatment won't change but this service does allow us to communicate with you more easily.  We can also offer video appointments to patients that have registered to use this service.


Medical Requests

If you send in a medical request our admin team will forward these on to the most appropriate clinician who can deal with your condition.  The clinician will review your request and we will advise what the next step is.

Admin Enquiries

If you send in an admin enquiry our team will review it and respond to you online or by phone as soon as they can.  Using the online consultation service for admin enquiries allows us to deal with more enquiries then phone calls in the same amount of time.

Video Consultations

We're now offering video consultations where these are approriate.  We'll advise you if we think a video consultation is appropriate to your enquiry.  If you don't want to do a video appointment you'll be asked to book an appropriate alternative such as a telephone appointment or a face to face appointment.